storytelling through our social media

Currently sitting in a coffee shop in Toronto, working on my thesis, in need of a break. So, I opened up my Instagram. Naturally. What came to my mind today was storytelling through our social media- storytelling through edited pictures on social media to be exact, and why I stopped editing my pictures. 

I’ll be the first to admit my skin isn’t perfect. And that I wish my hair was longer, and my teeth were more straight. And when I’m taking a picture, I don’t always get the right light and the shadows make the picture look funny. 

Typically, the response to the above complaints are: why don’t you just edit the picture to make it what you want to see? And I think we do this too much. 

*rolls eyes* 

Obviously, Larissa, have you been on the internet or seen a fashion magazine lately? Everything is edited to an ideal that is apparently average but is typically unattainable.  

What happened to authenticity? Why am I sharing a version of myself that doesn’t exist? And why is this demanded in society? When someone searches my profile, what do I want them to think? Her profile makes her seem fun, I want to be her friend? She seems smart? Funny? Close with her family?  Why are we making “the ideal” sooo “unideal” and living through filters?

I want my social media presence to tell the story of authenticity and to be genuine. And this is as real as it gets- take it or leave it. Why do we want our story to be retold through someone else’s eyes? 

Trust me, your mental health and your overall wellbeing are way more important than deciding on a filter. 

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