more than surface level

day 6: sorry to ruin your week, but I’ve removed the filter 

So, if you just started reading my blog this week, you’re probably thinking I’m a Debby Downer and am just a super negative person. HOWVER, I’d like to just make a lil post reassuring you, my lovely reader, that I am quite the Positive Polly, but this week I wanted to approach my blog (and my life, for that matter) a little differently. 

I started this blog exactly two years ago to diarize my adventures in Europe for the 6 month duration I was there. And, as you know, all good things must come to an end. As those 6 months came to an end, reality set in, and I was back in Waterloo finishing off my undergrad at Laurier. And another year later, I am more than halfway through completing my Masters in Digital Media. Time FLIES. 

The reason why I decided to get real this week was because I’ve spent a lot of time masking how I’m feeling. Whether it’s through making light of the situation or simply ignoring it. I think it’s time I advocate. Not lecture, advocate. 

I want to demonstrate in my own words and experiences, that there is so much more to a person than what you see on surface level. Everyone has a story, and as a member of society, you need to take some responsibility to know that. I’m not saying approach every single stranger that passes you by on the subway, but to educate yourself to know that hearing someone saying “I’m okay” doesn’t always mean that person is okay. Please don’t walk blindly people thinking everything is fine because the sun is shining.

We need to read the news everyday, and it’s not always as exciting as the Entertainment or Sports section. I know that not everyone wants to talk and share their mind with the world, and I really understand that. But, be a person of support to your friends, family, classmates, colleagues, whoever.. I don’t mean to ruin anyone’s day by putting a damper on their mood and sharing some ugly truths, but hey, sometimes that’s reality. And sometimes we all need a little reminder. Please don’t think of this blog as a way for me to shame you or feel guilty for not checking in on your friends every day. I’ve been there; really, I have. 

If you think less of me this week because of all these ugly thoughts I’ve brought to light, I can’t apologize. But, maybe this is your wake up call to see what society is unfiltered, and this shit is real. Maybe you think I’m weak, maybe you think I’m immature. And maybe you want to tell me to keep my damn mouth shut. I’m just starting the conversation. Well, trying my best to. 

And that’s how I’m feeling today. 


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