new year, new(ish) mindset

As I head into my second semester on Friday, I thought it was an appropriate time to break my blogging hiatus and share my learnings from my month long Christmas holiday.

My friend recently shared with me that she started a journal that she writes in everyday. She writes down the things that make her happy and make her sad. I thought this was such a great way to understand your emotions better and prioritize what’s actually good and what’s actually bad. By seeing it visually, you are able to put it into perspective and see that sometimes the bad isn’t THAT bad, and how one positive comment or thing can really change your attitude of the day. This is definitely something I want to try, and something I encourage you to as well!

I’ve had a lot of time (more than necessary, if I’m being honest) to reflect on my past semester, moving back to Toronto and living at home, and my relationships with people (professional and personal.) I think this break has been a great opportunity for this, but also an odd awakening that I need to be kept busy with work and school so I don’t solely focus on the workings of my ol’ noggin. I am all for personal reflection, and I like to dedicate time each day to do this, but I struggled with not knowing what to do with each one of my days without having any readings or papers to work on. I only bring this up because I graduate in October and have no future plans to head back to school…I guess it is something I’ll have to work on.

My family and I took our first vacation in 8 years this holiday. 8 years!! We went back to my Aunt and Uncle’s condo in Florida, which feels like home. I have been going there since I was born and I can’t even count the number of family trips we have taken there. It’s incredible to be able to go back to such a familiar place and recollect all the memories you created there amongst your loved ones. To be able to drive up to the condo, and even remember the smells was overwhelming. I know it’s just Florida, and people often do weekend trips to Florida, but this is such a special place for me and I hold so many memories of these trips close to my heart. We did our usual Florida thing there, which was beach, pool, mall, repeat, which as boring as it sounds, is so much fun. I was really lucky this trip to have a few of my aunts, uncles, cousins and their families there as well. As previously stated…there are a lot of people that make up my family, so to be able to share in these memories togethers is amazing. One of my cousins, her husband and son were staying close to us and we hung out quite a bit. I loved sharing in on our Florida condo stories, as we’ve all had many family trips to my aunt’s condo.

Make the most of each of your days. Whether you’re out exploring, spending it with friends/family, or on the couch watching Netflix. We all need different days, with no day explicitly the same as the next. As I said, it was really hard for a month with so much free time, but I came to learn that as long as my mind is in a good state and I’m planning at least one thing for the day ahead, I’m on the right path. Do what makes you happy and surround yourself with people who compel you follow this, and make sure it’s mutual! Sometimes, I need to take more of my own advice. But hey, there’s always tomorrow.


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