semester one in the books

I finished class last week, and procrastinated for a week to complete my final paper. What a FEELING finally submitting, and closing the chapter of my first semester as a Master’s student (!!!!) A year ago today, I was finishing my finals at Laurier, and stressing about what I was going to do after graduation. Funny how much can change in a year and how much of a consistent and positive element school has been in my life.

The semester legitimately flew by, and it is crazy to think that I only have two more semesters left. Two more semesters left with my classmates, as a Ryerson student, and to finish my MRP. I learned so much in my 4 months thus far, I cannot wait to see what’s next.

It’s interesting explaining to people what my Masters is in. A lot of people think that Digital Media is solely social media or marketing. But I love explaining everything that we learn, and how it is building a foundation for me to further develop my thesis. It combines so many elements of the digital world, and how we are interacting with it, and what how can apply our backgrounds to it, so we are successful post graduation.

*Note: MRP= Major Research Paper, a little different from a thesis

Favourite Assignments

Ted Talk

I’ve never had so much freedom in a presentation, and I loved it. Our professor told us to give a 7-10 min presentation on whatever we wanted, and yes I chose to do this on my first tattoo. It was a great opportunity to share a personal story with my cohort and express how it somewhat ties into my thesis. Being able to talk about funny family memories, share pictures from my trips and my family vacations meant so much to me, because if you know me, all I talk about is family and travel. I think it was a perfect way to end the semester because we shared personal stories, learning experiences, and how our past education has led us to where we are now

Our first HTML + CSS assignment

Unlike most people in my program, I have little to no experience in basic HTML. The only time I have ever used HTML was during a “computers” assignment in grade 8, and I did a page about Twilight. There were two pages, comparing Team Jacob and Team Edward, and I’m going to stop talking about it now (I was team Jacob.) As basic this assignment was for some people, I had so much fun with it. It was so exciting it was when all your code worked and produced a cool webpage!! You don’t get quite the same feeling when you finish an essay.

MRP Promo Video 

This was the first time I’ve visualized my MRP and created something for it! It is a different mindset creating a video then writing a paper, because there is a whole new world of elements you have to consider, and even learn. The only other time I have used iMovie was creating a compilation video from my exchange. But this time, I used personal videos, YouTube and stock videos, I did a voiceover and added music. Simple, I know. But it was an exciting process and to see the final product come together was really quite something for me. I know there is still so much to improve on it, but I think it was a great starting point. Another factor of this assignment was to play it during class and stand beside it as it played. Nerve.Wracking. Not only did I have to hear my own voice projected in the class, I had to present after my classmates who are professional videographers and this was definitely not their first time creating a movie. This was such a great learning opportunity, and I was able to get input and advice from the pros. What’s so great about peer to peer evaluations, is that it’s in a safe environment. Also, I am relieved my cohort is not competitive, and we are looking to help each other out and hype each other up, instead of only thinking about our own agenda.

Best Lessons 

Your profs actually care & your cohort is your FAMILY

Okay. The vibe of post grad has been insanely different than my undergrad so far. Being part of a full university is incredible! We are able to reach out to profs from different faculties. If you need help or clarification, or just want to chat with a prof about their job experience, they will get a coffee with you. And, if they can’t help you, they are great resources to connect you with another prof who can.

Coming from one of the largest undergrad majors, Communication Studies, my interaction with my classmates was not as close as it is with my classmates now, and I ABSOLUTELY love it. I can’t even begin to explain how refreshing it is to be surrounded by likeminded people and students who actually want to be in the classroom and care so much. I’ve connected so well with my cohort and I’ve learned as much from them, as I have in my classroom. It is so important to surround yourself with people who care about your success, in the classroom and outside. It’s been so much fun so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for my friends! #MDM5



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