rest, perseverance, and a little bit of magic

life will give you whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness

Obvious question: Have you ever been in a situation where you’re SO confused as to how or why you’re there? And what you did to lead up to getting you there, and how you could change it? And when you’re feeling frustrated, sad…do you find yourself wondering what in god’s name did you do to be feeling this way? This is probably the most accurate description of my last couple of weeks, and this quote I came across is a perfect example of why I have been feeling the way I have.

Between school and work the past month, I have definitely have found myself in this situation, more or less. To put things into perspective, taking a step back now, things are definitely not as bad as they seem. But in the moment, they feel more than impossible to get yourself out of.

School is hard. Commitments are tough! It doesn’t really matter at what extreme or level you’re at, being stuck in something that you aren’t comfortable with or haven’t experienced before can be challenging. You don’t always have the answers to everything, and that’s usually pretty scary.

To focus on the positive and shed some light on this gloomy week, a few things that have gotten me out of bed and into the wild (which is school, work, and life in general)

  1. More than halfway done my first semester as a Master’s student!!
  2. My family and I booked our first vacation together since 2010
  3. Wrote my first piece in an online publication for Ryerson 

With these personal accomplishments as small or big as they may be to myself or my peers, it is vital to prioritize and see the good in small steps. As per my first quote explains, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Everything you do is part of the process to make you a stronger and healthier individual.

Sometimes, you need to take a mental health day. A day to yourself; to breathe, relax, and prioritize your mind to destress. Read a book, watch Netflix, talk to someone you can trust… do what you need to do find empowerment. These are what my mental health days consist of, and I’m not shy to share when I need a day to myself. There’s no need to be embarrassed, or hide the fact that you prioritize your mental health and that yes, a day of rest to regroup is needed!

Hopefully, the way you persevere your day to see a new sunrise each morning, get you one step closer to a healthier day, each and everyday.







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