the joy in goal setting

Let’s be honest- stress gets the best of all of us. No matter how organized or how well we plan, stress can sometimes take over. I think it’s a totally normal feeling to have no matter what stage of life you’re at- whether you’re a student, working, taking time off, planning towards something, or maybe a mix of all of the above.

By setting attainable goals for yourself, you give yourself the motivation and the drive to accomplish them. Sometimes, it is difficult to stay motivated when there’s so much white noise and distractions around you. For myself, it’s important to live day to day, but it’s also powerful to have an insight of what you are working towards.

Day to day, I set short term goals. Short term goals allow for a lot of turn around and the ability to make mistakes. If you set unattainable goals that are so far out of reach, it leads to more setbacks than anything. I’m not saying set your goals low, but make sure it is something you are mentally and physically able to achieve without getting too down on yourself. You can challenge yourself by setting long term goals that are further from your day to day reach, and take strength and practice to achieve.

You can’t always face situations blindly or jump right in the deep end. With goals that come with a lot of purpose and meaning to you take longer to achieve. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so that’s why I believe baby steps is typically the best option. Practice and be the best version of yourself! For me, that’s the only way I can improve myself.

My long term goals are something in the far future for me. I base them on my capabilities of my day to day, and how I can improve and move forward to something that is more motivating then the last. My long term goals are as close in the future as next month, and as far away as next year. They are based on how I can improve my overall health (mentally and physically,) how I will succeed in school

For example …

Present my Pitch in class on Thursday (short term) in order to succeed and do well in the class (long term) to be able to graduate (long term.)

To look even longer term would be to see how this presentation improves my confidence to public speak and how the content influences my future career choice. When we break things down to how they affect our overall well being and purpose, long term goals don’t seem too scary.



With my  blog, I’m not forcing anyone to read it. I’m really just sharing my thoughts and experiences, and how I get through my average week. I really believe in the power of sharing and how my take on something could inspire or help someone. I say this because this is how I’ve been helped and it has sometimes has given me the strength to power through. By listening and learning from my peers! It’s not something that is forced, but simply engaging in what others have to say. In some shape or form, a little something stuck and that’s how I’ve gotten by and maintained my happiness. You get what you give and that’s why I believe sharing my personal experiences and how I cope with my day to day, good or bad, will always be positive.

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