Thessaloniki, Greece

Well, well, well. Here we are! MY LAST BLOG POST FROM THE EUROPEAN EXCHANGE. I cannot believe it. I honestly did not think that I would keep up my blog for this long, so let me just pat myself on my back for actually accomplishing this.

Alright, back to this.

Thessaloniki is a northern city in Greece, and we took a bus from Skopje, which was about 4.5 hours. I was so used to buses by this point- I practically lived on them this semester. We stayed at Hotel Augustos, which was about at 10 minute walk to the city centre.

Let’s talk about the Greek lifestyle for a minute. The lifestyle in Greece is very easy. From the 2 Greek cities I travelled to,  a day went something like this: Go to a cafe, order a frappe, sip it for a couple hours, go home and take a nap, come back in the evening and do the same but with an espresso. I honestly did not know how much you could prolong drinking a frappe for. FRAPPE’S DON’T EVEN TASTE GOOD. It is literally cold, instant coffee. But ~when in Greece.~ Don’t you dare order something else!

Each night after dinner, we walked along the water and took a cruise boat. This cruise was free with a drink order which was a pretty cool concept! It was a really fun atmosphere, with music blaring. It filled up so quickly. It only lasted about an hour, and took you around the shore of the city.

Thessaloniki was a relaxing trip. The only big things to see there was the White Tower and the Church of Dimitrios, which is the saint my dad is named after, so we spent some time there.

On our last day, we took a short bus ride to a resort town called Halkidiki. Try saying that name 10 times fast! We went to the beaches in the region called Kassandra and spent a few hours on the beach. It was a great last day and it was loooovely spending my LAST DAY IN EUROPE on the beach.

Ugh. Well this is sad. That concludes all my travels from February 10 to August 10. I’ll make another post summing up my travels when I need another study break! 😦

Until my next adventure (it’s in the planning stages,)


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