Berlin, Germany

Our next stop was Berlin, Germany. After Budapest and Prague, this was the first city I had not been yet, and a city that I really wanted to visit. The train from Prague to Berlin was about 5 hours, so we left our hotel in Prague super early that day.

We stayed at the Angleterre Hotel, which located on Friedrichstraße, which was right next to Checkpoint Charlie. It was an excellent location.

Berlin was incredible, and every part of the city was different from the other. We had hop on hop off bus passes, which was definitely  ideal for a big city like this. It was almost comforting to hear German again after being away from German speaking countries for 6 weeks at this point. I missed the schnitzel and beer. Obviously.

The weather wasn’t too great, so we spent a lot of quality time in the Beer Gardens. But, visited some monuments like the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall, Reichstag Building, and visited the German Historical Museum. The hop on hop off bus took us around to these places, allowing us to get off and visit each place.

Berlin is full of tourists, just as any major city. The culture seems pretty commercialized, but it was still an exciting place to be.

We took a Sandeman’s Alternative Subculture Walking Tour, and I think it was the first time we actually paid for a tour. It was on the last day, so it was really a great way to end the trip. It was definitely my favourite part of Berlin, and made me fall in love with the city. The tour guide took us around and explained all the graffiti in the city. She took us to and explained places like Dead Chickens Alley, and the significance behind certain graffiti paintings and artists. Also, as we are in Berlin, so “doing as the Germans do,” the tour guide encouraged us to stop at the convenience store and get a beer to drink on the tour! I think my dad was pretty hesitant at first because a) It was maybe 2pm and b) Drinking in the streets?! That’s can’t be legal…  However, we decided to embrace the culture the best way we knew how, and it was honestly hilarious to see a group of people learning about a city while holding a beer. I could really get used to this…

The Berlin Wall was not what I expected. The wall itself was well maintained, and there was such beautiful murals painted. They were well preserved, with not much graffiti in the way. While we were there, we also saw someone up on a ladder starting a new piece. On the backside of the wall (not facing the street,) was pictures and informations about Syrians and refugees coming to Germany. That was interseting to see, and definitely a good use of the space to educate people, as it is one of the most visited places in Berlin.

The Beer Gardens were so much fun, and always a lively environment. The first one I went to was in Munich, which was a beer hall, is a “legendary state owned beer hall” called the Hofbrauhaus Munchen, and honestly nothing can compare to that. However, Berlin came second, because where else in Europe would this be as authentic as Germany?!

Berlin was the last city that I planned on our father-daughter Euro adventure. Our next stops were Macedonia and Greece, which my dad had planned because he had been there before. It was nice to take a break from planning!

Until my next adventure…


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