Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic

The final leg of my European travels were spent with my dad! After flying in from Dubrovnik, I stayed at a hostel for a night before meeting him at the Vienna International Airport. It was an interesting feeling flying back to Vienna after being away from my
“second home.” It almost felt as though I was flying back to Toronto, because Vienna had been my home base to travel out of since February.

I had planned the first half of our trip: Budapest, Prague, and Berlin, as I had been to two of these cities. My dad planned the later half of the trip to Greece and Macedonia, as he had been there before. We planned to spend 2 full days in each city we visited.

I was so excited to welcome my dad to Vienna, and travel with him for almost 3 weeks. It’s interesting because I communicate with my dad everyday, so even thought I was away for over 5 months at this point, it felt like nothing had changed because we were on the same page because of technology. It was also exciting that I was able to pick him up from the airport, get on the subway, and get on the train to Budapest with no mistakes. I can do this so easily in Toronto, but being able to get us from point A to point B without sweat was quite the accomplishment, and it feels like I actually learned something on exchange 😉 I had recently been in Budapest with 2 of my exchange friends and my cousin, so it was still familiar to me and I was excited to be a tour guide, somewhere other than my hometown.

Budapest is a welcoming and comfortable city. It has an exciting nightlife, and beautiful sites to see during the day. It’s  a relatively small, so it isn’t too difficult to walk around figure out. You can check out the maps and all the details about the city in my first blog post about it in May:

This time, I did a lot more walking and tours! We did a hop on/ hop off tour, which for me, is super unnecessary in smaller scale cities. But, it was a nice break from the sun. I only got heatstroke twice the whole summer! 🙂

It’s a different experience travelling with a parent, because a) we aren’t staying in hostels, so not having to wear shower shoes is always a bonus, and b) whatever you plan, will be questioned, double checked, not trusted, and then have to go find someone for advice (and for them to tell you the same answer…) It’s because I’m so young! Ask an adult! But also, the whole “ballin on a budget” theme definitely was consistent throughout my travels, because if any of your know my dad, we are finding the BEST, for the LOWEST price, and we will walk around the same market 5 times until we are absolutely, positively sure! But hey, why settle for something second best?

My favourite meal in Budapest was definitely in the market. I missed the market when I was there in May, because we were there on a weekend, and arrived late Saturday, and it is closed Sunday. The markets in Europe are amazing. If you haven’t caught onto my passion for these… They always have the most authentic and well priced food. Even though you are surrounded by crazy tourists (like myself,) you are also with locals who are grocery shopping and seeking out the best food in the city.

From Budapest, we took a train to Prague. OOOOOOh do I ever love Prague! What’s also exciting about revisiting these two cities, was seeing them during a change in season. Where I started bundled up in scarves and jackets, this time I was basically suffering heatstroke.

I hold a special place in my heart for Prague because it was my very first trip I took on exchange! Oh, I’ve just grown up so much.

You can read about how excited I was in February here:

Anyways, Prague in the summer is hectic. Like I said before, taking a free walking tour is so much fun, and a make or break of the trip. Our tour guide was exactly what I expect from a tour, and it made me love the city so much more. I was more confident showing my dad Prague this time, because the last time I was there, I had a local-ish show me around. Prague is a fairytale. From the food, to the people, to the tradition, it is beautiful. I definitely could have spent more time there if Berlin wasn’t calling my name!!

Until my next adventure,


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