Paris and Nice, France


Paris lived up to every expectation. I’m pretty sure every kid owned a t-shirt with an eiffel tower on it, or took French at some point, or just dreamed about France. Well, I did. And now I’m here.

Sim and I flew from Naples to Paris on July 1st to spend the week in France. We were staying with my friend Marie, who I met on my exchange. I was so beyond thankful because staying in Paris is hella expensive.

Being in Paris was such a nice break from the heat. It was so cold and rainy, which was greatly appreciated after Italy…

Paris is beautiful, and the city was more packed than usual because of the Euro Cup. There was a lot of hype in the city and there was tremendous amounts of security because of the games, as well as the terrorist attacks that happened in November. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to go to Paris after all the trouble that had happened, but I knew it was a place I really wanted to see, and something you can’t miss. Might be an unintelligent mentality.

I stayed 3 nights in Paris before heading off to Nice. During these days, we visited the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, we watched a Euro Cup game, and wandered in and out of the little streets, as well as (window) shopped along The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, and visited Notre Dam. We also made it a tradition of eatings crepes maybe twice a day…we stopped counting.



Next stop in France was to Nice and back to the heat! Nice was beyond just nice. It was such a fun city, and it reminded me of Miami…but you know, a bit nicer and French. Nice was about 6.5 hours and quite expensive, but 100% worth it. parisnice670x340.jpg

It was beautifully lit up for the soccer games, and had a beautiful shopping street. The beach was rocky, just as it was in Italy, but it was amazing. Our hostel was across the street from the train station, which made it super convenient with our backpacks. We were basically on the main shopping street, which led to the beach. There were tiny, beautiful streets to get lost in, with bakeries, delis, and jewellery shops.

We spent 3 nights in Nice, with one full beach day, one day exploring and climbing up to the waterfall, and half a day shopping around. We ended up climbing up to one of the waterfalls on our last day and even though it was small, it was worth the hike up. It had a panoramic view of all of Nice, and it was honestly breathtaking.

Our hostel was not as expensive as we thought it would be, but eating and drinking was quite expensive. We luckily found Happy Hour which kept our wallets just as happy. I would 100% recommend going back to Nice, and even seeing more of the French Rivera. The coast is so beautiful, and it’s sometimes hard to believe you’re in a place as picturesque. Also, coming straight from Paris, it was unbelievable that these two cities were only hours away. The vibe and atmosphere was so completely different. It was nice to experience two polar opposites in the same week.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading so far! I’ve been home for little over a month, so it’s been nice to reminisce and slowly get back into the swing of writing these posts. Looking at these pictures and remembering these stories makes me so sad because it’s over, but I can’t even describe how fortunate and overwhelmed with happiness I am for these experiences and memories.

Until my next adventure,


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