Salzburg & Hallstatt, Austria

Travelled with: by car
Where I stayed: Meininger hotel
Duration of Trip: 2.5 days
Overall cost of trip: $220 CAD

Another weekend, another adventure! Austria is such a beautiful country, I’m so happy to be able to travel around and see other towns, other than Krems.

This weekend, ESN (Erasmus Students Networked) offered a trip to Salzburg and Hallstatt. On Friday afternoon, 13 IMC Krems and Danube University students headed out for our weekend in Austria.


Salzburg is about 2.5 hours from Krems, and Hallstatt is about 3.5-4 hours.  We drove to Salzburg, after making a short stop in Linz. Linz is the third largest city in Austria, only about 1 hour from Krems. We had a tour led by ESN Linz. We walked around the new town and ended up at a bakery to try the Linzer Torte. This cake has the oldest recipe in the world- from about the 1650s! We only stayed there for a couple hours before heading to Salzburg.

It’s hard to put into words how pretty Salzburg is! You can ask anyone about Austria, and they will recommend Salzburg first. We arrived there Friday evening and stayed at the Meininger hotel. I’ve stayed at this chain before when I was in Vienna, and it’s a step up from a hostel, and the pricing is very reasonable! I definitely recommend, and they have so many locations around Europe.

We woke up early Saturday morning and we set off for the city centre to meet up with ESN Salzburg, who was going to take us on a tour of the city.

SIDE NOTE: When I am travelling city to city, I think of what I would do as a tourist in Toronto. Where is our “new town” or “old town?” When someone first lands in Toronto, do they just go directly to Dundas Square, CN Tower, and maybe Harbour Front and wander around those areas? It’s different here I guess, because as soon as we enter a new city, the first thing we do is “new town,” and then just wander from there because everything is usually walking distance.

Back to Salzburg…

We toured around Salzburg, and having a tour guide who was a local student was amazing. It was a much better perspective of the city then just wandering on your own, or having a paid tour where they just go through the motions. A tour like this felt more authentic and appealed to students a lot better. There isn’t much to say about Salzburg because I wouldn’t know where to start! It was so beautiful, the weather was warm and sunny, and I saw everything I wanted to. We were all constantly singing the Sound of Music and reminiscing on the movie. Trips like this really make me appreciate how truly beautiful Austria is, and not one city here has let me down! I hope my pictures can speak for themselves: (And while you look, I’ll provide you with some Julie Andrews)


I can’t recommend Salzburg enough! It was truly a happy place to be.

The next morning, we ventured off to Hallstatt. When I first was researching the universities I wanted to study abroad in and I was looking more closely into Austria, Hallstatt was one of the first places I saw that made me choose to study in this part of Austria. It looked so magical, somewhere you’d only see in a movie!

We arrived there around 10:30 and we took a cable car up one of the mountains to do a salt mine tour! It was about 27 euros to do, and I think it was worth it. It took you deep into one of the caves and it was a guided tour half in English, half in German. They dressed us head to toe in outfits as a salt miner would wear, and thankfully, because it was so cold! The tour was really interesting, and I learned a lot about Hallstatt, more than I would from just wandering on my own.

The tour was a couple hours, and then we had our lunch and went for a walk. We sat by the water for a bit and it was incredibly busy! There were so many tourists, and with good reason- it’s breathtaking. We walked through the little village and to one of the points around Hallstatt Lake. Again, my writing really can’t do this trip justice:



That wraps up my weekend to Linz, Salzburg, and Hallstatt! I recommend Salzburg and Hallstatt 100%! They were so beautiful, and even though my text doesn’t really explain a lot, I really hope my pictures do. I am so grateful to be living in such a beautiful country like Austria. There is so much to learn and discover here still and I cannot wait!

Until my next adventure,


  1. Hi Larissa, I am happy you enjoyed your stay in Salzburg and at the MEININGER hotel. Hope to see you soon again. 🙂
    Greetings, Matthias from MEININGER social media team

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