Bratislava, Slovakia 

Travelled with: OBB Train from Krems
Where I stayed: Possonium Hostel
Duration of Trip: 1.5 days
Overall cost of trip: $80 CAD

WHEN ON EXCHANGE…I have the absolute luxury of having an easy going schedule that allows me to travel during the week. It’s incredible! I have class Monday, Tuesday, and Friday this week so I decided to take a trip to Austria’s neighbour, Slovakia! Only a 2 hour train ride, it was a perfect mid week adventure.

My roommate Taylor had class until noon on Wednesday and again Thursday at 2pm. As soon as she finished class Wednesday, Taylor, myself, and two other guys from exchange Luke and Joonas headed to Bratislava. Without really doing much research (except watching Eurotrip…) we booked our hostel and headed to Slovakia’s capital. Fun fact: Vienna and Bratiskava are geographically the closest capital cities in the world, less than 60 kilometres away from each other.

We reached the Possonium Hostel at around 3:30 pm and headed out to the old town. I really had little expectations for a hostel, as I’ve never been to one before. We were in a mixed dorm consisting of 5 bunk beds, and luckily we were the only ones there. It was a really small hostel (not really sure if they’re usually big) but it was a 5 minute walk to the train station and about 20 minutes from old town.

The four of us spent about 2 hours walking through the town and then climbed to the top of the Hrad Castle. And that’s about all to see in Bratislava. As I didn’t do too much research, I was a little surprised at how small it was, solely assuming that the capital city would be a bit more populated and well maintained. Unlike Prague and Krems, the buildings weren’t too taken care of, a lot left to rust or desperately needed to be painted. However I can’t really complain because living in Toronto and Waterloo where there are new buildings going up every other week it seems, it’s refreshing to see old buildings with so much history- No matter the condition of the building.

 We had a traditional Slovakian dinner paired with a local beer. I had Bryndzove Halusky which is a sheep cheese potato pasta. It was delicious! It tasted like perogies, as it was served with bacon and sour cream. Highly recommend! Beer was only €1.20 which is amazing of course, but very dangerous because it’s only €1.20… Also on the topic of booze, at our hostel they gave us a welcome shot of their traditional liquor called Borovicka and it tasted like fruity gin. Yikes. Try at your own risk.

 The language in Slovakia is similar to Macedonian (not that I know that many words anyways) but hearing familiar words is always comforting. Even it was only bratchgo and dobro! The people we encountered were all around our age and spoke good English.

I’m glad I got to experience Bratislava and see what it had to offer, and I think we spent the perfect amount of time there. As a future solo backpacker, I’m glad I got to have my first hostel experience with friends so I knew what to expect when I’m on my own. It was definitely a lot more comforting and reassuring.

So, I’ve seen what I need to see in Bratislava! Another good experience with good people. Probably one of my only Braitslava experience I plan on having… However, I will be back because it is cheaper to fly out of the Bratislava airport, rather than Vienna.

Until the next adventure!


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