Welcome to Krems

Guten Morgen!

I’ve been in Krems for almost 3 full days now and I think I’ve figured the town out! It’s pretty easy to find your way around and everything is connected. Today my Dad and I ventured out to Stein and Forthof which are connecting towns (or even small villages) in Krems an der Donau. Because it is Sunday, everything is closed which is super weird for me. Even banks are open on Sundays in Canada! But not even coffee shops are open here. So, I met my dad at his hotel and we had a nice Austrian breakfast which consists of cold cuts, cheese, bread, and fruit. We set off for a nice walk early in the morning and the weather is beautiful! A little more cloudy than usual, but still WAY better than Toronto weather at this time of year- thank God.

Stein is made up of tiny cobblestone streets that are along the Danube, but also connect you up into the vineyards. We took a turn up a set of steps going up the side of a church and ended up reaching almost the top of the hill! The view from the top of Stein was breathtaking- you could see the whole town and even across the Danube. It’s so easy to explore and venture off from the regular road. As long as it’s day time, there’s no problem! We ended up walking parallel to the train tracks and through a pathway in the vineyard, and with another turn we ended up at my university campus! It was amazing to see how everything was so intertwined and a turn here and a turn there and I was exactly back to where I needed to be- with a beautiful view.

From then, we took a different street and walked through Stein, but ended in Forthof. Forthof was significantly smaller and there was a small restaurant right beside the train station. They kept sending up different waiters who each spoke a few more words of English than the other. We shared the house special paired with a local beer- Wieselburger Bier and began walking back to my apartment.

The day so far has been beautiful- and it’s amazing that each day is so different. It’s exciting waking up to a new view everyday and a new adventure to begin!



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