The Travel Bug

I’m Larissa- a third year Wilfrid Laurier University student from Toronto studying abroad for a semester at IMC FH Krems University in Krems, Austria!

In less than a month, I will begin my 6 month adventure through Europe. (!!!!!!!) I’m excited to begin a travel blog, which will not only capture my experiences as a tourist, but as a university student studying in a different continent. Additionally, as a Communication Studies student, what better way to practice the art of communicating than a blog?! It’s hard to put into words how I am feeling, as my excitement entails the most incredible opportunity to explore beyond the four walls of a lecture hall, and experience a different perspective on education.

Before I began elementary school, my summers were always action packed with travelling around North America with my family. Whether it was conquering Canada all the East, and all the way West, or it was changing up our route to Florida every summer, we were always on the road seeing new things.  I have only been to Europe once and it was for a short period of time, but probably one of my most favourite and memorable trips:

In August 2014, I accompanied my aunt to Haarlem, the Netherlands to watch my cousin play softball. She is a pitcher on Team Canada’s Women’s Softball Team! I’ve never seen her play with the National team, so I was so happy for the chance to finally see her! This was the championship tournament and countries from all over the world were represented. As it was my first time in Europe, I was completely in a culture shock when I stepped off the plane in Amsterdam, even though it did not seem that much different from Canada. I’m not sure if it was a long flight and jet lag starting to kick in, but I could not believe I was there. This was such an incredible feeling, that I can only hope everyone one day has the opportunity to experience. 

I knew after this, only getting a small taste of Europe, I needed to go back and explore on my own. As I am a less experienced traveler, my passion for adventure could not be stronger. My semester abroad will be an incredible opportunity to explore this, and to be immersed in a new culture, amongst likeminded individuals who are on similar adventures.

I am so incredibly fortunate and thankful to have this amazing opportunity to travel abroad to study. This truly is a once in a lifetime experience, so I’m hoping to document as much as possible. I cannot wait to see where this semester takes me!

Time to give my passport a workout.


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